Friday, October 30, 2009


My clipboard of projects!

The inside of this used to be a mess...

Now holds my files of bills and boxes of cards and pictures..

My medicine cabinet now nice and neat..

These bins under the table in the kitchen hold all the boys school work..

I will go through and pick out my favorite pieces. The middle bin holds homework that needs to be done and books to be read..

I put together this little shelf to give me more space in my bathroom...

Holds all my lip glosses! Never knew I had that many! Now I will use them more! ;)

Put this in the garage to hold all the boys sports stuff..

I have been really into projects and organizing things lately... If you can't find me or get a hold of me, I am probably doing this! It has been fun for me.. I still have SO much more I want to do.. But this was a start...

Happy Organizing! =)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkins and Christmas music...

It's a ghost peeking through blinds..

A weird animal thing...

Pop city and Aiden working hard..

Me and boys hard at work...

Our finished pumpkins!

Our porch... So cute!

Look at Xav's face! hee hee...

Cleaning out the Pumpkins...

There is snow on the ground outside and Christmas music playing inside with candles lit all around but it's 3 days before HALLOWEEN! lol.. We invited Pop over to help us carve our pumpkins and the gooey mess began! The boys LOVED sticking their hands in the pumpkins and pulling out the guts! Pop and I got to work on carving and sawing away at our pumpkins.. My hand was killing by the time we were done.. But they turned out really cute and I even made toasted pumpkin seeds! This was the first year I have done this with my boys and we had so much fun! I love making memories and starting traditions with them...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Football! Go Xavy!..

Xavy and his trophy..

The huddle..

Go Eagles..

Caught Xav in his famous MJ Pose! lol..

His new mohawk made him run faster!
Xav just finished up playing football! We have been at the field every night for 4 weeks! It has been fun and he loved playing! He had quite a cheering section too! His loud aunts and grandparents! The team did good and they really learned a lot! I'm so proud of him! Don't you just love his MJ dance moves on the field!? He is SO crazy! That's my boy! =)

Go Aiden!..

Aiden and his trophy!

Go number 3!

Hitting the ball..
Little Aiden just finished playing T-ball with his team the RED SOX He had SO much fun playing! It was so cute watching those little kids play.. They actually starting getting the hang of it as the games went on! He was so excited to get his trophy at the last game! My little man is sure growing up! *tear* lol..

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lost for words...

As long as we have each other... we will make it through...

I have mixed feelings about this movie.. I loved it but it also put us in a funky mood... It hits REALLY close to home for kids with divorced families.. Dealing with the anger and hurt. On the car ride home, Xavy got really quiet and I turned and asked him if he liked the movie and he said yes, but I REALLY miss my daddy. I just want to be with him forever! I then asked what about me and he said you too, mommy. I just WANT US TO BE A FAMILY! with tears streaming down his face.. He then turned his head and looked out the window to hide the tears from me. I stayed looking forward because I couldn't fight my OWN tears... After a couple minutes of silence and sniffling from both us.. I asked him if he was okay. He said that he was and I then said Xavy I love you! He said I love you too, mom. I then said Xavy WE ARE A FAMILY and we ALWAYS will be! He said okay.. When we got home I hugged him tight and put him to sleep... he seemed like his old self.. But I sit here now with a heavy heart and tears ready to come at any second. Oh how I wish I could take away his pain! I wish I had better things to say to him! I wish I could give him the FAMILY dynamic he SOOOO craves and wants! I hurt for him!

So we are in a funky mood tonight... The movie is beautiful in many ways but just maybe too close to home for some..

I wish SO bad I knew the right things to say to Xavy.. I feel so helpless sometimes.. I wish he didn't have to hurt.. I know that hurt all too well and my heart breaks that my son has to go through it too!

Just wishing I knew the right things to say...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Day to ME!..

Today is my BIRTHDAY!! I always get SO excited when my season comes around! I'm not excited about getting old though! :p
Ash and B took the boys shopping last night and they wrapped a present and this morning the boys gave it to me.. I got a new camera, Season 5 Grey's Anatomy and a scarf and glove set! It is the most spoiled I have been in YEARS! and the day has just begun! =)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Baby Xavy...

These are the baby pics I wanted to post on Xavy's Birthday blog.. Wasn't he just so cute and squishy!? I sure miss his baby face! =)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, Xavier...

Happy Birthday, Xavy!
I'm a little late on this post.. But my first born turned 7 on Sept. 24th! Oh how the time has flown by! He had his first friend party at Bouncing off the walls and had SO much fun! All his friends came and he got all the Star Wars Lego's he could want! =) Xavy has grown up so much and is such a good boy and a GREAT big brother... He loves to be center of attention and is always trying to make his friends in his class laugh! (sometimes this gets him in trouble) ;) He is loving first grade and is doing so good in school. I'm so proud of him!
He just started playing flag football and is loving it! He is REALLY into Michael Jackson music and makes me play over and over and OVER again! He has all the songs and dance moves down! He wants to be MJ for Halloween! It's pretty funny... You should see his moves! (crotch grab and all!) :/ hee hee..
I can't believe 7 years ago I became a mom to this sweet boy!

Now for some Xavy stats:
He was born at 8:57 am
He weighed in at 8 lbs. 10 oz.
He was 19 and a half inches tall.

He came out as independent as he is today! Never had any newborn characteristics. Held his held up form day one, always wanted to be faced outward. He was the biggest baby in the nursery and made eye contact the very day he was born! I can just see those big blue eyes looking at me through the clear plastic crib thing they bring the babies in.

Happy Birthday, my Xav the babe! I love you so much!